Fall semester, 2015

Wednesday: September 30: SMD: God + Intro to the Trinity Includes an intro to Scripture
Wednesday: October 7: VILL: Jesus: Son of God/ Head of Creation/ Intro Church
Wednesday: October 14: SMD: The Church: Body of Christ/Sac of Salvation
Wednesday: October 21: VILL: Nature of Sacraments: Initiation: Baptism
Wednesday: October 28: SMD: Columbus Park: Faith on Tap
Wednesday: November 4: VILL: Sacrament of Reconciliation
Wednesday: November 11: SMD: Sacrament of Confirmation/ Intro Eucharist
Wednesday: November 18: VILL: Eucharist
Wednesday: November 25: NO CLASS
Wednesday: December 2: SMD: Intro to the Blessed Mother: Incarnation
Wednesday: December  8: Murphy’s:  Faith on Tap
Wednesday: December 16: VILL: Blessed Mother: Redemption/ Resurrection
Wednesday: December 30: SMD: Mass
Wednesday: January 6: VILL: Mass
Wednesday: January 13: SMD: Marriage/Holy Orders/ Anointing
Wednesday: January 20: VILL: Family life/ Christian morality
Tuesday: January 27: Murphy’s: FAITH ON TAP with Bishop
Wednesday: January 28: Columbus Park: Faith on Tap
Wednesday: February 3: SMD & VILL: Open forum
2nd Semester:  February 10—May 25.