Your instructor’s are: Mr. & Mrs. DePhillips
We can be reached at home: 203-355-1423
Or email us at: trishdep189@aol.com

CLASS HOURS: Sundays 8:30 – 9:45 am


Class Expectations:

  • Come prepared and ready to learn
  • Show respect for all in the class
  • Let us know if you will not be attending class. Class material must be made up, so it is important to speak to one of us to get the needed material
  • Turn off your cell phone and no text messages during class
  • Bring your notebook and pen to every class
  • Have fun!!!

Confirmation Requirements:

  • Obtain a recent copy of your Baptism Record. This is done by writing to, or telephoning, the parish where you were baptized. Give them your name, your father’s name, your mother’s first name and maiden name, and the approximate date on which you were baptized. They will mail you a notarized copy of the record. Your certificate must be given to Mr. or Mrs. DePhillips by Nov. 18th
  • Practice the Catholic faith. This includes regular participation at Sunday Liturgy, daily prayer and making a sincere effort to grow in faith through your participation in the catechesis for Confirmation. You will need to turn in your mass card each week.
  • Choose a name for Confirmation. At Confirmation, one chooses a Saint’s name. It is most appropriate to use your Baptismal name, if you were given a Saint’s name at birth. Otherwise, you may choose the name of a Saint whom you admire. There are a large number of books available which will give you information about the lives of the Saints. You will need to select your Saint name by March 1, 2012.
  • Participate in Francis and Clare Society Further information will be provided on the schedule and mandated attendance for the confirmation candidates.
  • Join St. Maria Goretti Society
    The St. Maria Goretti Society helps young ladies in their teens grow in Faith through spiritual, volunteer and social activities.
  • Join St. Dominic Savio Society
    A group for the spiritual young men from 7th through 12th grades.

Confirmation Sponsors:

Choose a Sponsor for Confirmation. Because Confirmation is the completion of Baptism, the Liturgy of Confirmation is patterned after the Baptismal Liturgy. Your sponsor will present you to the Bishop or Celebrant when you step forward to be confirmed. You are encouraged to choose one of your Baptismal Godparents for this role. If that is not possible, choose someone whom you consider to be a role model for living the Catholic faith. The requirements for Confirmation Sponsorship are listed below.

All candidates for Confirmation must choose a sponsor who will present them to the Bishop during the Liturgy of Confirmation. Sponsors must meet the following requirements:

  1. A sponsor must be a Catholic who actively practices the faith.
  2. A sponsor must be at least 18 years old and already Confirmed.
  3. If married, the marriage must be valid according to Church law.
  4. A sponsor may not be a parent of the candidate.
  5. A sponsor need not be the same gender as the candidate.

You must select your sponsor and return the Sponsor paper work by November 18, 2012.