Cardinal Ignatius Kung Pin-mei
August 2, 1901-March 12, 2000

Cardinal Kung Prayer:

This prayer was composed by Cardinal Kung for the 1954 Marian Year.

It is found in the Mission Bulletin, Vol. VI, May, 1954,
No. 5, p. 475.

“Holy Mother, once speaking to Bernadette you said: ‘I shall make you happy, not in this world, but in the next.’ Throughout your whole life you followed the way of the Cross which is the unique road leading to Heaven. We do not ask for the happiness of this world, but we ask to imitate your courage to follow the way of the Cross through this world. O Holy Mary of the Immaculate Conception, we ask you to pray for us. Please turn your eyes of mercy towards us, protect us and help us through this world in order that we may enter into the Kingdom of God and enjoy life eternal. Amen.”


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Ignatius: The Life of Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin-Mei

by Msgr Stephen M DiGiovanni H.E.D.

Ignatius Kung Pin-Mei (1901-2000), a simple Chinese-born Roman Catholic priest and first native-born Bishop of Shanghai, led his people to bear witness to Christ in the world. For his unflinching loyalty to the Pope, the Successor of Saint Peter, he endured more than thirty years imprisonment at the hands of the Chinese Communist government. Throughout, Bishop Kung stood squarely to defend his position that he was a loyal citizen of his homeland. He loved China: he was born in China, grew up in China, and ministered as a priest and bishop in China; and it was in China that he hoped to die and be buried. His life of humble witness was not as an enemy of his homeland, but as a Chinese citizen who was also a faithful Roman Catholic, in communion with the Pope. His is the same claim as that of other witnesses to Christ throughout the life of the Roman Catholic Church: one can be both a faithful Catholic and a faithful citizen. This is his story.
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