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Pastor’s Corner: March offers two great solemnities: the 19th is the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary; and the 25th is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. They are related, since Saint Joseph willingly sacrificed his hoped for joys of being a father when asked by God to do something more important: to play a far greater role as the foster father of the Savior, and the protector of the Mother of God. The opening prayer for the day says it perfectly: “Almighty God, in its beginning you entrusted the mystery of mankind’s salvation to the faithful protection of Saint Joseph. By his intercession may your Church. . .bring that salvation to full flower.”

The ancient name for the Annunciation on the 25th was “the Feast of the Incarnation”, when the Word [the Second Person of the Trinity; the Eternal Son of the Father] took to Himself our human nature in the womb of Blessed Virgin Mary in Nazareth when she said to the angel Gabriel, “Be it done unto me according to thy word” [Luke 1:38]. It was exactly then that, by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, a body was fashioned from the Virgin’s DNA, flesh and blood, a rational soul was created and infused into that body [as in every instance of human conception in the womb of a mother], and, in the same instant, the complete human nature was united to the divine person of the Father’s Eternal Son. God became a human being at the moment of his conception in the Virgin’s womb. That is what the Church celebrated on March 25th–Nine months before Christmas. Why did God become man? –In order to redeem humankind on the Cross. God’s love for sinful humankind is so strong that He determined to save us by uniting human nature to His Divine Nature, and entering into man’s concrete destiny and experiencing his very life, suffering, death and Hell, in order to free us by means of solidarity with us, and raising us to share His divine life forever. The God who feels no pain and knows no change because He is perfect and eternal, assumed a human nature and body like ours in order suffer and to offer it in sacrifice, so that the whole human person might obtain salvation. As Pope Saint Leo the Great described it, “He descended into what is ours [our human nature and body] to assume not just the substance but also the condition of sinful nature.” [Sermon 71, 2] Some of the earliest Church Fathers reckoned that March 25th was both the day of Adam’s creation and fall into sin, as well as the date of God’s Incarnation, and Christ’s death on Calvary: the second Adam [Christ] coming to rescue the first Adam by taking on flesh and sacrificing that flesh on the Cross. While the history is more whimsical than accurate, the reality is clearly expressed: Christ, the new Adam, came to save the old Adam—and to offer more, a share in God’s very life. This was repeated by a medieval author: “Hail festive day [March 25th], that staunches our wounds, the Angel is sent, Christ dies on the Cross, and Adam is created and falls on the same day.” [Summa Aurea, vol. I, 602] Another medieval poem claimed that Christ’s Cross was fashioned from the wood of an apple tree, since mankind’s fall came when Adam picked and ate the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. While not historically accurate, the reality is expressed: the final goal of the Incarnation—God becoming man—is the Cross. But there is more: God became man to redeem us not only from sin but for something: entry, by grace, into the life of the Blessed Trinity. The Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity all contribute to our salvation in the Incarnation, in order that we might share their life. Saint John of the Cross brought this out clearly in one of his poems: “Though the three Persons worked the wonder, it only happened in the One, so was the Word made incarnation, in Mary’s womb, a Son.” The Incarnation, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus on the Cross, and Pentecost, the beginning of the Church, are all historic expressions of God’s love in the reality of our life, to lead us to share the life of the Trinity forever. Consider how important you are to God, that He would do such things for you!!
—Monsignor DiGiovanni

Please pray for the sick: Debbie Schemmel, Ron Frasca, Lisa Giugno, Michele Giugno, Helga Pecaric, Kimberly Rice, Jimmy Berube, Maria Travino, Maria Gabriela Mossa, Anne Touhey, Bill Rice, Diane DiNapoli, Evan Fernandez, Gayle Moore, Paula Bennett, Mildred Beirne, Karen Hsu, Silvana Smith, Harriet Lockhart, Joseph Kung, Jacqueline Domingue, Eilish Collins Main, Antonietta Cerone, Sylvia Iannazzi, A.J. Barr, William Byrnes, Jonathan Victor, Sophia Petrafesa, Donald Gerbasi, Lyn Geikie-Rice, Addison Byrne, Ruth Coyle, Elaine Shoztic.

Please pray for those who have recently died: Bernadette Martelli, John Thompson, Francesco Russo, Lillian Jacobs, Rosalie Liguori, William DeLeo, Sylvia Ardise, Rosemary Pavia Grasso, Walter Bradley, Paul Hughes, Paul Polotaye, Joyce Simoneau Rybnick, Cathy Itri, Oswaldo Diaz, Maria Imbrogno, Susane Depreta, Suzane Depreta.

Monthly Collection: The second collection today will be the monthly collection for the parish. Your generosity is appreciated.

Our Lady’s Altar Votive Light: +Anna Taricani req. Leon Taricani

Cardinal Kung: Last week, to mark the 17th anniversary of the death of Cardinal Kung, the local artist Mr. Jeff Denberg donated the oil portrait of the cardinal he painted in 1998 after he was created a cardinal by Pope Saint John Paul II. It can be seen on the St. Joseph side altar. The parish is very grateful to Mr. Denberg.

The Lenten rules of fasting and abstinence from eating meat apply on Ash Wednesday & Good Friday: Fasting refers to the cutting back on the amount of food eaten on certain days, and applies to those aged 14-60 years old, unless ill or suffering from a medical condition. Only one full meal [on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday] is to be taken and NO snacking between meals. Abstinence means that we abstain from eating meat—no meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and on all Fridays of Lent. If one is ill, 60 years or older, or suffers from any medical condition, these rules do not apply.

Saturday, May 6 at 4-7:00 pm: The Kentucky Derby fundraiser in the Rectory.

Saturday, May 13 at 5-7:00 pm: St. John’s in World War I Exhibit in the parish hall.

May 13 at 7:30-9:00 pm: Solemn Rosary, Benediction and Procession in honor of the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima.

June 13, July 13, August 13, September 13, & October 13: 7:30 pm: Rosary in honor of Our Lady of Fatima during this centenary year.

Saint Jude: First class relics of Saint Jude the Apostle are on display during Lent on the Saint Joseph side altar. There are also novena cards for your devotion.

Stations of the Cross: Fridays during Lent at 4:00pm in English, but NOT on Good Friday.

R.C.I.A.: Next class: Monday, March 20th at 7pm-8:30pm in the Rectory. Topic: Prayer/The Lord’s Prayer, Part III: Chapter 9-10, (pages 375-403).

Weekly Sunday collection:
Sunday March 12, 2017 $ 12,219.50
Sunday March 13, 2016 $ 13,722.91
Please increase your Sunday offering by $5.00 each weekend.
“I ask you one thing: do not tire of giving to God, but do not give your leftovers.”
—Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

March 26th, Sunday Readings: 1 Sm 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a; Eph 5:8-14; Jn 9:1-41.

Police: As policemen and women are under attack throughout the country, we ask that you Please remember the members of our Stamford Police Department in your prayers. Likewise, remember in your prayers members of Stamford’s EMS and Fire Department, and our military women and men who protect our nation.

Annual Catholic Appeal: This is the annual appeal by the Diocese of Bridgeport to fund all the charitable, educational, and faith-based works of the Diocese of Bridgeport that assist thousands of people daily throughout Fairfield County. Each parish in Fairfield County is given a goal: ours is $110,000. We have collected to date: $46,827.00. Please be generous; we need everyone’s help. Our parish Appeal leaders are John & Eileen Tarleton, who have led our efforts last year so successfully. Thank you for your generosity.

Sports Tickets: Got season tickets for games? If so, please consider donating a pair to a game as auction items for the upcoming parish Kentucky Derby. Give a call to Cindy at the Rectory: 203-324-1553, ext 21.

Project Rachel Ministry: Offers free and confidential help to those seeking healing after abortion. Come back to God’s love and mercy. Call 203-416-1619 or

Birthright: seeks volunteers: Support women to bring their babies to term, providing pregnancy tests, connecting women with medical, financial, legal and other resources. Flexible schedules; training provided. Call 203-348-4355 or

Help End Legalized Abortion: Abortions take place daily at Stamford’s Planned Parenthood, 35 Sixth Street. Help us stop this. To join us, or for training as a Sidewalk Counselor, call Noelle at 857-345-0808.

New Covenant House of Hospitality: Saint John’s parishioners staff the kitchens once each month to feed the homeless and less fortunate. For information, please call: 203-324-1553, ext 21.

St. Monica Latin Reading Group: Tuesdays at 12:45 in the Rectory. We are continuing our review of ecclesiastical Latin using Second Latin by Cora and Charles Scanlon and reading excerpts from Ambrosi Epistulae Variae.  An intermediate reading ability in Latin is necessary.

Volunteers: FUTURE 5 is a non-profit organization to help motivated low income high school students in Stamford to improve themselves and their future. We need volunteers to do one-on-one student work, such as college coaches, job prep coaches, and teachers. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Fanny Moran:

Are you a student at UCONN Stamford? in some on campus activities. Please contact Fr. Andy Vill ( We are looking for some help/interest.

Latin Low Mass: In the Extraordinary Form each Friday at 2pm. Everyone is welcome.

“Walking with Purpose”: A program of prayer and Bible Study for Catholic women, Tuesday mornings beginning at 9:30 am in the parish hall. For more information, contact: Rosa Federici at or 203-536-5480.

Natural Family Planning & Fertility Care: Natural Family Planning / Fertility Care – Are you seeking a family planning method that is natural, effective, and morally sound? The Creighton Model System is based upon a couple’s knowledge and understanding of their naturally-occurring phases of fertility and infertility.  Engaged couples preparing for marriage, as well as married couples, and couples who are experiencing infertility issues, can all benefit from using this system. The teachers of the Creighton Model System are trained allied health professionals, and specifically-trained physicians have been educated to incorporate the Creighton Model System into their medical practice. For a FREE introductory session, please contact Angela Marchetti at

Baptism/Confirmation Sponsorship Certificate: When asked to be a sponsor, a certificate is needed from your home parish. If the parish priest does not know you personally, or by sight, we can only presume you to be a practicing catholic by tracking your contributions by check or envelope. If you do not attend Mass regularly or practice your Catholic Faith, you cannot be a sponsor.

Catholic Young Adults of Stamford: We are Catholic young adults in our 20s and 30s, We regularly meet for social events and community service projects. Join us for our monthly Sunday dinner following 5pm Mass. Connect with us on Facebook or Meetup, or email us at

Trinity Catholic High School: Grades 8 thru 12 – First Friday Fest – Every First Friday of the Month -Games, Adoration, Friends, Food – 7PM – 9PM.

Prolife Prayer Event: Please join His Excellency Bishop Frank Caggiano of the Diocese of Bridgeport as he leads us in prayer this Lent for the Family on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 12:45 p.m. We will gather at the public entry driveway of Planned Parenthood, 44 Main Street, Danbury, Connecticut.  Any questions, please contact Frank @ 203-554-8211. (

New Girls Catholic Academy: Pre-K-High School: The religious Sisters of the Company of The Savior hope to open a new girls’ academy in lower Fairfield County within the next few years. The priests of the Basilica parish support this project. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Sr. Maria: and plan to attend an informative meeting in the Rectory on Wednesday, March 29th at 7:30 pm.

Job Seekers: Led by Melanie Szlucha whose company, Red Inc., is a leader in helping find jobs. Jobseeker’s Group in the Monsignor Nagle Hall the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7:30 to 9PM. Topics include Job Interviewing, Resumes, Networking and Job Search Strategies. THERE IS NO CHARGE, this is free coaching.
Next Meeting: Wednesday March 22nd. Melanie Szlucha can be reached at 203-866-1606, or

Mass Intentions
+ Denotes Deceased

Saturday, March 18, 2017
4:00 Francis Kung req. parents
Sunday, March 19, 2017
7:30 +Rosina and Dante Spagnoli
10:00 +Dorothy Wargo Birthday Remembrance req. family
12:00 +William Borkowski req. Ann and Michael Borkowski
5:00 +Monsignor Andrew Cusack
Monday, March 20, 2017
8:00 Souls in Purgatory
12:10 Thanksgiving to St. Joseph for Prayers Answered req. Diane Strain
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
8:00 Special Intentions Pietro Bertuca req. Niece and Nephews
12:10 Alec Saljanin req. Hana Gjelaj
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
8:00 +Doris McMahon req. Tom Timon
12:10 People of the Parish
Thursday, March 23, 2017
8:00 +Theron and Lena Carr req. Marie Carr
12:10 Monsignor Stephen M. DiGiovanni
Friday, March 24, 2017
8:00 In honor of the biological parents of my grandchildren
12:10 +Enrico Imbrogno Sr. req. Lisa Terenzio
Saturday, March 25, 2017
8:00 +Wladek and Willemina Falek req. daughter
12:10 +Enrico Imbrogno, Sr. req. Frank and Beth Carpanzano

Baptisms: Are celebrated every day of the week, according to the schedule of the parish priests and the families. Baptisms at St. John’s are one-family only ceremonies: never groups. For more information, please call Cindy, (203-324-1553, ext 21). Baptisms are offered for parishioners only.
Baptisms are offered in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Weddings: Couples must contact and begin meeting with one of the parish priests for at least 6 months before a hoped for wedding date at Saint John’s. Please call the parish secretary, Cindy, or one of the priests for an initial discussion. Weddings are offered for parishioners only.

Holy Name Society: For men of the parish, meets Fridays in the Rectory, 7-7:50 a.m. for coffee, Eucharistic Adoration & Benediction. All men are welcome. We finish in time for the 8a.m. Mass.

The Legion of Mary: Wednesday Evenings: 7:30 pm ’till 9:00 pm in the Msgr. Nagle Hall.

St. Monica Latin Patristic Reading Group: Tuesdays at 12:45 in the Rectory.

Coffee Hour: After the 10a.m. Family Mass in the Monsignor Nagle Parish Hall.

St. John’s in THE ADVOCATE:
120 years ago, or so:
March 25, 1897: “Rev. Father T. J. Keena, assistant Pastor at St. John’s Church, delivered a Lenten sermon at St. Bernard’s Church, New York, Tuesday evening. Rev. Father Rogers, who is convalescing from an attack of grip, has gone to Bristol, R. I., for a change of air with the idea of hastening his recovery. There will be the service of the Stations of the Cross and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at St. John’s R. C. Church, tomorrow evening at 7:30. Rev. Father Downey of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Hartford, lectured on “The Prodigal Son,” in St. John’s R. C. Church, last evening. The attendance was large.”

100 years ago, or so:
March 20, 1916: “In. St. John’s Catholic Church last evening, Rev. John J. McGrath preached on “St. Joseph,” whose feast is celebrated today. Masses today were at 5:30, 7, with a High Mass at 8 a.m.”

March 26, 1914: “On next Sunday evening, special services will be held in St. John’s Catholic Church, on the occasion of the formal opening of the church, after extensive alterations and improvements. At this time, the new system of electric lighting will be first used. The Very Rev. Thomas J. McClusky, S. J., president of Fordham University, will preach the sermon, and there will be a special musical program, under the direction of the organist of the church, Miss Margaret Kennedy. “Inflammatus,” from Rossini’s “Stabat Mater,” will be sung by the choir, with Mrs. William Troy (soprano) as the soloist. “The Seven Last Words of Christ,” an Oratorio by Dubois, will also be rendered. The solo parts in this will be taken by Mrs. James McMahon, soprano; Robert Hamilton of New York, baritone; and John P. Reilly, tenor. All the services will be in the upper church Sunday.”

65 years ago, or so:
March 23, 1953: City Championship—St. John’s State CYO Grammar Titlist. “The Stamford CYO Grammar division champions, the St. John’s basketeers, won the Connecticut title yesterday at St. Stanilaus’ Auditorium in Meriden, defeating the St. Thomas’ five of West Hartford, 41-34. The victory qualified the Stamford team for play in the New England CYO Championships at Providence next Saturday and Sunday. The St. John’s athletes rolled to a 12-1 lead in the first quarter, but the West Hartford team came back in the second quarter and then matched baskets in the third period. The Johnnies had a championship kick, however, developing a big fourth quarter surge to overpower the opposition. It was a team effort by the Atlantic St. crew, but Chick Clark with 18 points and Frank Robotti’s 15 point contribution sparked the triumph. Al Rojas, Ed Ciskowski and Don Spillane contributed some fine ball-handling to set up baskets made by the sharp-shooting forwards.”

ScrewtapeThe Screwtape Letters: by C.S. Lewis. The Lenten BookClub at The Basilica of St. John the Evangelist in the Msgr. Nagle Parish Hall that started March 9th, continues March 23rd, 30th at 8pm. Presented by Evan Psencik, The Leadership Institute. Please read the first three letters before our first gathering. Please RSVP to or contact Fr. Andrew Vill (203) 324-1553 x21 or

Stamford Lenten Adult Bible Study: The Scriptural Roots of the Sacraments will be a six-week Bible Study held at Trinity High School every Thursday in Lent, starting March 2nd, from 7-8:30pm. The study, led by Fr. Joseph Gill, will examine how the Sacraments of our Catholic Faith, such as the Mass and Confession, are grounded in the Word of God, both prefigured in the Old Testament and then coming in fullness in the New. Cost is free. All adults who want to grow in their faith are invited to join us! For more information, please contact Fr. Joseph at

Lenten Pasta Dinner & Stations: Trinity Catholic High School is hosting two Lenten pasta dinners to help raise money for our teens to do a week-long service trip in Boston! Come and join us on March 24th any time between 5:30pm-7:30pm for some delicious food, donated by Columbus Park Trattoria and cooked by their expert chefs! We will then celebrate the Stations of the Cross in the chapel at 7:30pm for those who wish to stay. The dinners are open to the public, and cost is $10 per person or maximum $40 per family.

Trinity Catholic Presents Fiddler on the Roof: TCHS Crusader Players present Fiddler on the Roof, our in- house school play, scheduled for performances from 3/24/17 through 3/26/14.

Trinity Catholic Legacy Gala: Friday, April 28th, 2017, at The Italian Center. Honoring The Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport for his Legacy of Purpose, The Sam Cingari Family for their Legacy of Commitment, Art ’81 & Donna Mossa ’84 Murphy P’11,’14,’17 for their Legacy of Encouragement. For more information contact Betsy Mercede at

Men of the Parish [ages 18 and up]: Looking for a spiritual boost for Lent—with coffee? Every Friday morning, about 30 men of the parish meet in the Rectory at 7 a.m. for coffee, then join together for twenty minutes of prayer and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament: all completed in time to attend the 8 a.m. Mass or to go off to work. All parish men are welcome: 18 years of age and up. Just walk in the Rectory front door, go down the hall, and you’ll find the coffee.

Young Adult Mass and Holy Hour: Calling all young adults! Join us for our next monthly Young Adult Mass and Holy Hour, Thursday, April 6th! Holy Hour begins at 6:30pm and Mass begins at 7:30pm. We’ll see you there!

Lauralton Hall: invites all 7th grade girls to spend a day as a shadow student, from March 13th through April 28th. For further information, please call the Admissions Office at (203) 877-2786 ext. 144.

Sisters of Life Do you, or someone you know, have a used automobile SUV, or van in good, driving condition that can be donated? The Sisters of Life are in urgent need of reliable vehicles as they travel all over New York, to Stamford, and other locations throughout the Northeast to carry out their mission work and evangelization efforts. For more information, go to, or contact Sr. Mary Karen at (845) 357-3547 or email Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele: And his wife Carol will be honored on Saturday, March 25th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenwich, as recipients of the prestigious Saint Pio Award. Tickets [$250.00 per person] are available for the awards dinner: 203-416-1471, or at the website: