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Pastor’s Corner. . . A few weeks ago, I wrote asking for volunteers to help with some new efforts here at Saint John’s. More precisely, to become tour guides of the Basilica, hostesses for afternoon teas to help raise funding for our parish gardens, and foundation grant writers, to help secure funding for many of our parish programs. How many people responded? 14 tour guides; 3 garden tea hostesses; 7 grant writers! I am delighted with the response of these generous parishioners, ready to lend a hand and their time to help our parish.
Because the Holy Father raised Saint John’s to the rank of Minor Basilica [I received notification of that just one year ago this week], our humble roadside chapel and parish church is now ranked among the world’s places of pilgrimage.
Why should pilgrimage groups come to our parish? They never have before! The reason is simple: once the pope raises a parish to become a Minor Basilica, that parish church becomes a local visible sign of the pope as the Successor of Saint Peter in the Universal Church. Coming to the Basilica of Saint John’s puts people in closer proximity to Saint Peter, who, as the Fathers of the 4th century Council of Ephesus stated when Pope Leo the Great sent his famous Tome to clarify the Church’s teaching, “Peter speaks through Leo”. Today, we can paraphrase, “Peter speaks through Benedict XVI”. The parish staff has been working for many weeks to prepare new services and programs to welcome visitors: volunteers have stepped up to help; organizing and training meetings will begin soon for volunteers; a written self-guide of the Basilica is in its last stages of preparation; all parishes, Catholic schools and institutions within the Diocese of Bridgeport have been contacted; the help of local restaurants to feed pilgrims is being solicited; local travel agents are being contacted to facilitate travel arrangements for pilgrimage groups to Stamford; discussions and plans for events are being held. All should be in place by January.
I ask everyone to keep these efforts in your prayers, that we might be successful, not simply in attracting large numbers of people to visit the Basilica, but that such visits may strengthen the devotion of Catholics to the pope as the Successor of Saint Peter. Speak of this with friends and family members, and encourage them to visit Saint John’s. The Basilica is a great place: let’s make sure people know about it. — Msgr. DiGiovanni

TOUR GUIDES: Thursday, October 28th at 7:30 pm in the rectory;
TEA HOSTESSES: Saturday, October 30th at 5:00 pm in the rectory;
GRANT WRITERS: Monday, November 1st at 7:30 pm in the rectory.

Please pray for the sick. . . Shirly Mailhot, Roledonne Samedi, Maurice Babe Ruggiero, Marlene Stern, Megan Bobroske, Dermott McMahon, Isabella Baptiste, Aileen Bainton, Jamie Chapin, Angela Bonneau, Emily Turturino, George Szele, Sr., Robert Lebeau, Connie Ward, Cheryl Carucci, Joan Bachman, Nicholas Czekanski, Wilfred Baretto, Haitian Earthquake Victims.

Please pray for those who have recently died. . . Alma Vota, Ben DeSalvo, Sue Richard, June Lambiase, Robert D’Aquila, Kevin Sutton, Catherine McVey Hanley Smith, Nichole Philips, Jane Lubin, Mary Moriarty, Katie Fontneau, Achille Lamontagne, Rosemarie Gaffney.

Saint Peter Votive Lights Memorial. . .The right votive light is in memory of the DeRosa and Kronk deceased family members req. Joan and John Kronk.

Parish Finance Council. . . My thanks go to Dr. Jonas Alsenas who has served as the president of this council for nearly ten years. Dr. Alsenas has decided to step down. I am grateful, Jon, for your dedication and years of service to the Basilica.

PUBLIC ROSARY RALLY . . . There is a rosary rally at St. Mary Church, 566 Elm Street, Stamford, on October 16, 2010 at 12 noon, on the Church front lawn. We will all be united throughout the United States praying the Holy Rosary publicly to stop the secularism in the USA. Come let us all be united in prayer. All are welcome to attend.

Red Mass Oct. 17th. . .10 am Mass: Archbishop Dolan of New York, will be the celebrant for the annual Red Mass for judges and lawyers: all are welcome.

Memorial Votive Lights. . . The Saint Peter votive lights, the one before the Marian icon, and the two above the side altars of Saint Joseph and Our Lady, may be memorialized each week for the intention of a loved one, or for the repose of a deceased loved one for a donation of $20.00 per candle, per week. The memorials will be published in the bulletin. Please call Cindy at ext. 21, between 9AM—1:30PM.

Monday Evening Holy Hour . . .Monday nights 7-8:00 pm for Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Rosary in the church, Next Hour: October 11th at 7 pm.

Religious Education. . . Classes have begun. For those not yet registered, you may register On-Line at the St. John’s Website,, or call the rectory, and speak with Cindy, 203-324-1553 x21. Classes begin Sundays at 8:30 sharp. Please be on time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Latin Mass. . . The Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be offered here at Saint John’s Tuesday’s at 9:30 a.m. by Fr. LaPastina of Saint Gabriel Parish. Because of the diocesan priests’ retreat, the next Latin Mass will be October 26th.

Saint Monica Patristic Institute. . . Meets Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Rectory: Our October topic: Early Martyrs mentioned in the Roman Canon. All are welcome.

Latin Reading Group. . .Wednesdays at 6:15 pm in the Rectory.

Sunday October 3, 2010 $ 12,939.00
Sunday October 4, 2009 $ 12,261.37

“I ask you one thing: do not tire of giving to God, but do not give your leftovers.”
—Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

October 17th Sunday Readings: Ex 17:8-13; 2 Tm 3:14-4:2; Lk 18:1-8.

Choir News:. . . If you or your children are interested in one of the Choirs, please contact the Choir Master, Frederick Backhaus ( or 617-913-5571. We have only a few choir positions left. Schola audition: Volunteers interested in auditioning for the Sunday Noon Mass choir should contact Fred to arrange an audition. Please join us.

Mozart & Schubert. . . Saturday, October 16th at 7pm in our parish hall to hear the Lumina String Quartet perform works by these great composers. Tickets: $10. per person, at the door.

Home Schooling Families. . . A group for home schooling families meets one Tuesday each month. All ages are welcome. Please contact Julianne DeMarco 203-966-3641 or or Janet Lancaster at 203-637-3301 or at

Foundation Grants. . . We are looking for volunteers to help write grant proposals to various foundations to help finance new programs at the Basilica. Anyone with experience writing grant proposals, and interested in volunteering their time and effort, please call Monsignor.

Coffee Hour. . . in the parish hall after the 10:00 a.m. Mass. All are welcome. We are looking for volunteers to help out with the coffee hour. If interested, please contact Janet Lancaster at (203) 637-3301 or

Mass On Line. . .Visit the parish website:, click the photo of the church up top, and you’ll see live all that’s going on in church, daily. Now compatible with Apple “Mac OS” as well as Microsoft Windows PCs.

Job Seekers. . . Meets the 4th Monday of each month in the rectory at 7:30 pm: all are welcome. Topics include job interviewing, writing of resumes, networking and job seeking strategies. The group is led by Melanie Szlucha whose company, Red Inc., see:

Trinity Catholic High School. . . Will host its Open House October 14th at 7 PM, for any student interested in studying there in the near future and their parents.

Basilica Meetings:
Tour Guide training: October 28th at 7:30 pm in the rectory;
Tea Hostesses: October 30th at 5pm in the rectory;
Grant Writers: November 1st at 7:30 pm in the rectory.

Mass Intentions
+ Denotes Deceased
Saturday, October 9
4:00 +Florence & Terry Guilbert req. Kevin & Alison Tosches
Sunday, October 10
7:30 +Peggy Walsh
10:00 +Valencia & John Lancaster req. Suzanne Kremheller
12:00 +Joseph Peter Young req. Joseph & Agnes Kung
6:00 +Antonio DiGianvittorio req. Christina & C.J. Fioravanti
Monday, October 11
8:00 Special Intention Stephen Piatt
12:10 +T. O’Sullivan req. 400 Atlantic Street
Tuesday, October 12
8:00 Special Intention
12:10 +Members of DeRosa, Kronk, Capobianco Families & Edwin Clark req. John & Joan Kronk
Wednesday, October 13
8:00 A. J. Bier & Family req. James Bosilevas
12:10 +Jean Maurice Cadet req. Sister
Thursday, October 14
8:00 +Mary Paoletti req. John Catalano & Madeline DeGrace
12:10 In honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary req. Ferry G.
Friday, October 15
8:00 Thanksgiving to God req. Fabiola C.
12:10 +Maureen Elaine Smith req. Maureen Parker
Saturday, October 16
8:00 +Hope & Joseph McAleer req. The McAleer Family
12:10 Souls in Purgatory req. Fabiola C.

Holy Name Society . . . For the men of the parish, meets Fridays in the Rectory, 7-7:50 a.m. for coffee, Eucharistic Adoration & Benediction. All men of the parish are welcome. We finish in time for the 8am Mass.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Ladies’ Society . . .meets Saturdays in the rectory at 9:30a.m.

Moms & Tots . . . Moms and their kids meets in parish hall each first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 a.m.

St. Anne Society . . .A family society which meets four times a year on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. with prayer, supper, and a lecture in the church hall. For information, please contact Fr. Walsh (203) 324-1553, ext. 14, or

Pray to end legalized abortion . . . Weds, 7-10:30a.m., Stamford’s Planned Parenthood, 1039 East Main St.

St. Dominic Savio Society. . .For the spiritual formation of young men, 8th – 12th grades, will meet today in the rectory after the 12 P.M Mass. Questions, contact Ferry Galbert 203-324-1553 ext. 22.

St. Maria Goretti Society. . . For the spiritual formation of young ladies, 8th-12th grades. First Meeting will be October 17th in the Rectory. Questions, contact Beth Carpanzano at 203-975-0075

Bible Study…Meets each Thursday at 7 p.m. in the rectory. This year’s study includes the Book of Revelation and Acts of the Apostles. See Parish Website for more details.

The Latin Reading Group. . . Meets Wednesday evenings at 6:15 pm in the rectory.

The Legion of Mary. . . . Meets Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 pm in the parish hall. All are welcome.

St. Monica Institute for Patristic Studies . . . Meets Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the rectory:

Introduction to Biblical Greek . . . Meets Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm in the rectory: open only to those with a reading ability in Biblical Greek.

Coffee Hour. . . After the 10:00 a.m. Mass in the Monsignor Nagle Parish Hall. All are welcome.

St. John’s in The NEWS:
The Connecticut catholic:
130 years ago, or so:
Oct. 12, 1878: Stamford: “The fair opens this evening (8th of October) with a variety of most valuable articles. It is held in the unfinished upper portion of the Church, which is the largest room in Stamford. Mr. Thomas O’Brien, a youthful and non-professional artist, has most skillfully decorated the place with flags and banners, large and small, and all nations and states.
The sisters being pinched for sufficient accommodation in the small house, which the necessity of the parish was obliged to substitute for a convent deserving the name, are to have the place enlarged by the addition of 37 X 16 feet. This gives them a neat chapel, music room and increased facilities in every respect.”

The stamford advocate:
80 years ago, or so:
Oct. 14, 1930:
Troop 22 Active. “The weekly meeting of Troop 22 was held Friday night at St. John’s Recreational Hall. The meeting was opened with prayer and flag ceremonies, which was followed by patrol meetings, for the purpose of studying and passing tests. Many of the various patrols are working on projects that they wish to exhibit when completed. During the patrol meetings, Mr. O’Keefe collected the dues and bank deposits were made. After these meetings were over, recreation was held, which was enjoyed by all. Members of Troop 22 are requested to go to Holy Communion in a body at St. John’s R.C. Church this coming Sunday, Oct. 19. The meeting was over at 9:30 p.m.”

The stamford advocate:
15 years ago, or so:
Oct. 16, 1993: Parishioner’s gift elevates church. “A gift from a lifelong parishioner will give others attending services at St. John’s Church in Stamford a lift if they need it. Richard Stanley of Stamford donated a $200,000 elevator to the church in memory of his brother, James, who died three years ago. Stanley was inspired to finance the construction of an elevator in the church after watching his brother struggle to climb the front steps of St. John’s, a Roman Catholic church, during the last year of his life. ‘Mr. Stanley decided to give us an elevator so people who had trouble climbing the steps could get in easier’ said the Rev. William Nagle, the pastor at St. John’s. The elevator is located at a side entrance on the north side of the church.”

The Sacrament of Marriage -Fr. Terry Walsh
“Therefore what God has joined together, let no human being separate.”

The Church teaches us that the Sacrament of Marriage actually signifies the union of Christ and the Church – it’s actually a cause of Grace which “perfects” human love. It’s this grace that enables the spouses to take up their Crosses and forgive one another and to bear one another’s burdens. It’s Grace that strengthens their indissoluble unity and sanctifies them with a supernatural, tender, fruitful love on the way to eternal life.
Christ is truly present in the Sacramental Bond between the Husband and the Wife. Our Lord speaks to their hearts and invites them to come to know His Heart through their marriage – “What God has joined let no man separate.”
All of Sacred Scripture is filled with Marriage imagery – indeed it begins and ends with it. In the opening pages of the Bible we hear the story of the creation of man and woman in the very image and likeness of God and the Bible concludes with a vision of the Wedding feast of the Lamb (The Holy Mass) in the Book of Revelation. The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes it abundantly clear that the entire Christian life bears the mark of the Spousal love of Christ and the Church – it is a Nuptial Mystery – and it is the fruit of the Cross of Jesus Christ. The ‘mutual gift’ of the spouses to each other becomes then an image of the absolute and unfailing love with which God loves mankind and married life becomes a sign of the presence of Christ (Recommended reading of article numbers in the Catechism: 1601-1666).
Our Patron, St. John, teaches us that this mysterious thing we call love is actually God Himself. The Gift of love gives meaning to every other gift and the humble daily practice of love is our faithful response to our Lord’s command: “Be Perfect, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect.” When a married couple lives their vocation as intended by God, the fruits of that love – the graces of that love – spill out into the whole Christian Community in the Supernatural Realm.
God communicates His love to us primarily and ordinarily through the Sacraments. Jesus is constantly giving Himself to us. Consider what He is doing in the Holy Mass: He gives Himself to the Father in sacrifice (listen carefully to the words of the Eucharistic Prayer) and He gives Himself to us (Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity) in Holy Communion, the Eucharist. He gives Himself completely – He holds nothing back.
Baptism opens the door to all the Sacraments. We are sustained by the Eucharist, purified and transformed through Sacramental Confession, and in the Sacrament of Marriage, the spouses, joined by the Power of the Holy Spirit, Sacramentally, actually become a source of Grace for one another. Each freely gives to the other what God has given to each of them: they actually communicate grace!
And this is why it is so important to stay close to God in the Sacraments, in prayer, and in faithfully living the promises of the vocation – so that God will be free to pour His grace into the hearts of the spouses, thus enabling the spouses to remain on the well-lit path that leads straight to the very heart of Christ.
If you are not married in the Church according to the Catholic Rite of Marriage, please call us at the Rectory and we would be happy to discuss this with you.