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Pastor’s Corner. . . September 29th will be the Feast of the Archangels, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. The Church has always held the archangels in high regard. The Roman Church’s devotion began at the end of the 6th century. As Pope Saint Gregory the Great led a penitential procession around the City in 590 A.D., praying for the end of the plague even while people dropped dead beside him along the processional route, the Archangel Michael appeared atop the Tomb of Hadrian, sheathing his sword and ending the plague that had devastated the City. The legend continues that a choir of angels appeared, singing the chant now used at Vespers during the Easter season, “Queen of Heaven rejoice, for Him whom you merited to bear has risen as He said.” To which the pope responded, “Pray for us to God, alleluia.” Pope Boniface IV built a small chapel at the top of what is now the Castel Sant’ Angelo in the year 608 to commemorate this work of Michael the Archangel.
The modern celebration of the Archangels originally began as a commemoration of Saint Michael the Archangel back in the 9th century, when the Basilica of the Archangel Michael was consecrated in Rome. Pope Saint Leo IV dedicated the basilica in remembrance of those who died fighting the Saracens [Moslem pirates] who attacked Rome in 846, despoiling the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul.
The Church has always seen Saint Michael as the point man of the Heavenly Hosts in defense of God’s creation against Satan and his angels, described in the Book of Revelation (Apoc. 12:7ff): “There was a battle in heaven–Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought back. But they were unable to win, and their places were no longer found in heaven. So the great dragon, the ancient serpent who is also called the devil or Satan, but one who seduces the whole world, was hurled down to earth and his colleagues were hurled down with him.” The fall of Lucifer or Satan after his rebellion against God was also described by the Prophet Isaiah: “How you have fallen from heaven, you Morning star! (Lucifer means the light bearer) How you have been smitten to earth, you conqueror of nations! You thought to yourself: I will scale the heavens, I will set my throne above the star of God; I will ascend the heights of the clouds, I will become like God the Most High. But now you have been brought down to Hell, to the depths of the pit” (Is. 14:12-15).
But it was Michael who remained the faithful servant of God the Creator, and defended all from the rebellion of the Evil One. We celebrate his feast on the 29th, not as a mythical figure, but as one of the angels of God, created a pure spirit with free will, who exists only to do the will of God.
Satan continues his assault upon us in his battle against the Church until the end of time, as narrated in the Apocalypse, or the Book of Revelation. Employing all means, occasionally including governments and individuals in religious institutions as well, the Evil One works to destroy the work of God and to undermine the work of His incarnate Son and of the Holy Spirit by bringing about our loss of faith in God. Let us pray to Saint Michael to defend us in our present day struggles here on earth against temptation, pride and self-interest, that we may be preserved from Satan and sin, and one day join Him and Our Lord in Heaven.
— Msgr. DiGiovanni

Please pray for the sick. . . Maurice Babe Ruggiero, Jean Simonelli, Marlene Stern, Megan Bobroske, Dermott McMahon, Isabella Baptiste, Aileen Bainton, Jamie Chapin, Angela Bonneau, Emily Turturino, George Szele, Sr., Robert Lebeau, Connie Ward, Cheryl Carucci, Joan Bachman, Nicholas Czekanski, Wilfred Baretto, Haitian Earthquake Victims.

Please pray for those who have recently died. . . Sue Richard, June Lambiase, Robert D’Aquila, Kevin Sutton, Catherine McVey Hanley Smith, Nichole Philips, Jane Lubin, Mary Moriarty, Katie Fontneau, Achille Lamontagne, Rosemarie Gaffney.

Saint Peter Votive Lights Memorial. . .The left votive is in memory of Michael and Walter Lester. The right votive is in memory of Lucille and Edward Pacelli.

Protectress of Rome Votive Light Memorial . . .In thanksgiving for 72 years of religious life Sister Ellen Mary, C.S.J. req. Marie Carr.

Our Lady’s Altar Votive Light Memorial. . . Special Intentions Ann Borkowski req. Michael Borkowski.

Saint Joseph’s Altar Votive Light Memorial. . . In memory of Bill Macchio req. Giannitti Family.

Monday Evening Holy Hour . . .Monday nights 7-8:00 pm for Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Rosary in the church, Next Hour: September 27th at 7 pm.

Religious Education. . . Classes begin Sunday, September 26. First Class, for those not yet registered, you may register between 8:00 am and 8:30am. Classes begin at 8:30 sharp. Please be on time. Thank you for your cooperation. Registration and payment can also be made On-Line at the St. John’s Website,, or call the rectory, and speak with Cindy, 203-324-1553 x21.

Latin Mass. . . Beginning Tuesday, September 28th, Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be offered here at Saint John’s at 9:30 a.m. by Fr. LaPastina of Saint Gabriel Parish. Please join us each Tuesday.

Saint Monica Patristic Institute. . . Meets Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Rectory: Our topic: The Monastic Rules of St. Basil. All are welcome.

Latin Reading Group. . .Wednesdays at 6:15 pm in the Rectory.

Memorial Votive Lights. . .The Saint Peter votive lights, the one before the Marian icon, and the two above the side altars of Saint Joseph and Our Lady, may be memorialized each week for the intention of a loved one, or for the repose of a deceased loved one for a donation of $20.00 per candle, per week. The memorials will be published in the bulletin. Please call Cindy at ext. 21, between 9AM—1:30PM.

Pro-Life. . . The Gospel of Life Society invites you and your family to participate in Stamford’s Life Chain, on Sunday, October 3rd, beginning at 1:30 pm in front of Saint John’s. Last year, over 1,200 Life Chains were linked across America and Canada, including scores of St. John’s parishioners. This is a non-confrontational witness for life: we simply stand along Atlantic Street in front of the church with signs encouraging greater respect for human life, and we pray. For more info, please call Frank Carpanzano: 203-975-0074.

Sunday September 19, 2010 $ 10,216.72
Sunday September 20, 2009 $ 10,518.51
“I ask you one thing: do not tire of giving to God, but do not give your leftovers.”
—Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

October 3rd Sunday Readings: Hab 1:2-3; 2:2-4; 2 Tm 1:6-8, 13-14; Lk 17:5-10.

The Parish Picnic. . .Was a great success, with more than 300 people in attendance on a
superbly beautiful day at the beach. We are very grateful to all who organized and worked to make the day so spectacular: Fr. Walsh who masterminded the operation along with Judy DeFelice, who organized side dishes, general administration and cleanup; Phil DeFelice, Tom and Joe Maker, Sal DeMott and Jeff Russo, our expert chefs for the day, and Frank Carpanzano for provisions, and to all parishioners who brought side dishes, desserts and watermelon: Thanks.

Choir News: The Volunteer choir open house was a great success! Rehearsals begin on Monday, September 27th at 7 pm. Singers are reminded to arrive at 6:50 pm so we can
begin on time. We have only a few choir positions left. Anyone interested in joining, please contact Fred: Schola audition: Volunteers interested in auditioning for the Sunday Noon Mass choir should contact Fred, our to arrange an audition. The requirements are the same as for the paid singers. Please join us.

Mozart & Schubert. . . Saturday, October 16th at 7pm in our parish hall to hear the Lumina String Quartet perform works by these great composers. Tickets: $10. per person, at the door.

Red Mass Oct. 17th. . .10 am Mass: Archbishop Dolan of New York, will be the celebrant for the annual Red Mass for judges and lawyers: all are welcome.

Home Schooling Families. . . A group for home schooling families meets one Tuesday each month. All ages are welcome. Please contact Julianne DeMarco at 203-966-3641, or Janet Lancaster 203-637-3301,

Coffee Hour. . . Starts this Sunday, September 26, 2010, in the parish hall after the 10:00 a.m. Mass. All are welcome. We are looking for volunteers to help out with the coffee hour. If interested, please contact Janet Lancaster at (203) 637-3301 or

Foundation Grants. . . We are looking for volunteers to help write grant proposals to various foundations to help finance new programs at the Basilica. Anyone with experience writing grant proposals, and interested in volunteering their time and effort, please call Monsignor.

Mass On Line. . .Visit the parish website:, click the photo of the church up top, and you’ll see live all that’s going on in church, daily. Now compatible with Apple “Mac OS” as well as Microsoft Windows PCs.

Job Seekers. . . Meets the 4th Monday of each month in the rectory at 7:30 pm: all are welcome. Topics include job interviewing, writing of resumes, networking and job seeking strategies. The group is led by Melanie Szlucha whose company, Red Inc., is a leader in helping find jobs: for more info, see:

Mass Intentions
+ Denotes Deceased

Saturday, September 25
4:00 +Margaret Curtis req. Mary Maloney
Sunday, September 26
7:30 +James & Ismalia Machado req. Lilian & Alvina Ramos
10:00 All Souls in Purgatory req. Anne Marie Samedi
12:00 +Josephine D’Amico req. her son Frank
6:00 +Edgar Mathias, Hubert Mathias and Italia Jean Francois req. Wilbert Mathias
Monday, September 27
8:00 Special Intentions
12:10 Barbara Schuerger req. Lilian & Alvina Ramos
Tuesday, September 28
8:00 Special Intentions James Cody
12:10 +Gina Selvaggi req. The Marchetti Family
Wednesday, September 29
8:00 Special Intentions Michael Cole
12:10 Special Intentions Marci req. Fran Baranowski
Thursday, September 30
8:00 +William Morris req. Anne Linck
12:10 +James Gallagher req. Michael & Jennifer Marchetti
Friday, October 1
8:00 Special Intentions Nikki Janniello
12:10 +Rev. Matthew Wamala req. Scholastica Nabwire
Saturday, October 2
8:00 In Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary req. Ferry G.
12:10 In Thanksgiving for Guardian Angels req. Marion Morris & Family

Holy Name Society . . . For the men of the parish, meets Fridays in the Rectory, 7-7:50 a.m. for coffee, Eucharistic Adoration & Benediction. All men of the parish are welcome. We finish in time for the 8am Mass.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Ladies’ Society . . .meets Saturdays in the rectory at 9:30a.m. Next October 2nd.

Moms & Tots . . . Moms and their kids meets in parish hall each first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 a.m.

St. Anne Society . . .A family society which meets four times a year on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. with prayer, supper, and a lecture in the church hall. For information, please contact Fr. Walsh (203) 324-1553, ext. 14, or

Pray to end legalized abortion . . . Weds, 7-10:30a.m., Stamford’s Planned Parenthood, 1039 East Main St.

St. Dominic Savio Society. . .For the spiritual formation of young men 8th – 12th grades. Meets monthly. Questions, contact Ferry Galbert 203-324-1553 ext. 22.

St. Maria Goretti Society. . . For the spiritual formation of young ladies, 8th-12th grades. Suzanna Bosthwick, 203-554-2004 for the girls.

Bible Study…Meets each Thursday at 7 p.m. in the rectory. This year’s study includes the Book of Revelation and Acts of the Apostles. See Parish Website for more details.

The Latin Reading Group. . . Meets Wednesday evenings at 6:15 pm in the rectory.

The Legion of Mary. . . . Meets Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 pm in the parish hall. All are welcome.

St. Monica Institute for Patristic Studies . . . Meets Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the rectory: The topic is The Long Rule of St. Basil.

Introduction to Biblical Greek . . . Meets Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in the rectory: open only to those with a reading ability in Biblical Greek.

Coffee Hour. . . After the 10:00 a.m. Mass in the Monsignor Nagle Parish Hall. All are welcome.

St. John’s in The Advocate:
80 years ago, or so:
Sept. 27, 1932: EAGLE SCOUT RANK IS CONFERRED ON THREE: “At the September Court of Honor of the Stamford Council, Boy Scouts of America, last evening at Scout Headquarters, Assistant Scoutmaster John R. Forbes of Troop 16, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and Robert Herrgen and Donald Reyen, Troop 22, St. John’s R.C. Church qualified for advancement to Eagle Scout rank. Scouts Robert Thayer, Troop 22 and Alfred P. Cummings of Glenbrook, Troop 1, have qualified for advancement to Star Scout Rank.”

60 years ago, or so:
Sept. 27, 1951: Apparatus Called As Wax Smokes Up St. John’s Basement. “Wax overflowed from a can on a portable electric stove last night in the basement of St. John’s Church, 245 Atlantic St., smoking up the cellar. Central and South End crews responded, but there was no fire. Firemen said the janitor had been melting wax, and that the can was left on the stove. It boiled over while the janitor was out of the room.”

Oct. 1, 1952: Johnny Bowlers Open New Season. “The teams of Charley Plank and Marty Francis lead the St. John’s Bowling League after sweeping three games each in the first matches of the season from the McGrath and Poultney teams respectively. The Cunningham team won two from Prior’s entry, while Altomuro’s 350 series aided his club to a double triumph over the Jagodzinski combination. Fabricatore’s bowlers dropped the LaRusso combination twice.”

50 years ago, or so:
Oct. 3, 1960: Stamford Priest Receives Pastorate In Atlanta Diocese. “Bishop Francis E. Hyland of the Catholic diocese of Atlanta, Georgia, has announced the appointment of the Rev. Richard B. Morrow as pastor of the Church of St. Bernadette in Cedartown, Georgia and also of the mission of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at Carrolton, Georgia. Father Morrow is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Morrow of Revonah Woods. He was ordained in 1954 by the Most Rev. Lawrence J. Sheehan, D.D., Bishop of Bridgeport.”

Choose Life… -Fr. Terry Walsh

Come Join the Life Chain on Sunday October 3rd here at St. John’s from 1:30 to 3:30 pm
“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying his voice, and cleaving to Him…” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

We must recognize that the path to eternal happiness within the Holy Trinity is a path we choose to take. Each of us is given the choice. We each have immortal souls and we are meant to live in God – but He does not force us to live in Him. Our decisions in this life determine where we live eternally. The Council Fathers of Vatican II put it this way: “Let all be convinced that human life and its transmission are realities whose meaning is not limited by the horizons of this life only: their time evaluation and full meaning can only be understood in reference to man’s eternal destiny.” Sadly, our Culture rejects the gift of life – it rejects the Commandments – it has made itself ‘god’. And yet, consider what God has revealed to us: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…”(Jeremiah 1:5); or again in the Gospel of Luke: “For behold, when the voice of your greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leaped for joy”(Lk 1:44).
The Psalmist, too, sings of the wonder and magnificence of the human person created in the image and likeness of its Creator: “For Thou didst form my inward parts, thou didst knit me together in my mother’s womb…Thou knowest me right well; my frame was not hidden from thee, when I was being made in secret…”(Psalm 139). Indeed, the Psalms celebrate the extraordinary dignity of the human person: “You have made (man) a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor”(Psalm 8).

God created us in His Image when He breathed the breath of life into us – creating us body and soul – a life that begins at conception. He included freedom in His plan – that we might freely choose to love Him, that we would choose the blessing and receive life. But do we contemplate the wonder of His love and marvel at His infinite goodness?
We are tragically caught up in a “Culture of Death’ – a culture that proclaims its independence from God, following in the footsteps of Adam. He willfully separated Himself from God. He tumbled out of Paradise and the State of Grace and found himself crawling in the dust. Why? God gave him life and, of course, every other gift and blessing in the State of Grace. But Adam took his eye off the ball. His pride got the better of him. Pride has a terrible effect on a soul meant for love. Adam thought ‘he knew better.’ Imagine the utter shock and horror that rocked his world when the bill showed up – when it came time to pay for his choice. Fast forward to our world today. We live in a culture of moral relativism that celebrates the right to extinguish what God has brought to life, violating the very commandments that lead to life.

Abortion, Destruction of Embryos, Euthanasia, Eugenics – the list goes on – all done in the so-called name of scientific advancement for ‘the benefit’ of mankind.” Has the subtle snake desensitized our moral and spiritual radar? Have we willfully turned away from God and embraced instead the culture of man? Neither Science nor Public Opinion has any power of absolution, yet it presumes this power. It calls evil (abortion, etc) good and ignores the consequences. It is utterly incomprehensible. Have we lost our way? Has science and technology been commandeered? Have we lost our moral compass and bitten the apple?
Again, the Second Vatican Council beautifully encapsulates our true relationship with God: “The dignity of man rests above all on the fact that he is called to communion with God. The invitation to converse with God is addressed to man as soon as he comes into being. For if man exists it is because God created him through love, and through love continues to hold him in existence. He cannot love fully according to Truth unless he freely acknowledges that love and entrusts himself to his Creator.” Choose life….
Come join us on the sidewalks of Atlantic Street on Sunday October 3 and Stand Up for Life